This is to inform all the candidates who will partake in the Nigeria Defence Academy(NDA) Screening Examination for the 2013/2014 admission session, to remember to bring the following neccessary document on the day of your NDA EXAM 2013 .

NEW UPDATE THE CUT OFF MARK IS 180 and you can now go to the NDA WEBSITE(click the link) to complete Your application

1: Every candidates must bring their 2013 JAMB-UTME Slip
2: Every candidates must come along with their NDA Examination Card
3: NDA past Acknowledgement Form
4: Recent Passport Photographs
5: Your Nda 2013 Bank Payment Slip/Confirmation Page
For other enquires and information about Nigeria Defence Academic (Nda) Visit


The examination will be conducted as a Selection Examination (similar to Post–UTME examination), and is scheduled to hold on Saturday 18 May 2013. Therefore, all eligible candidates are to please bring along their Acknowledgement Form, JAMB result slip, Examination Admission Card and TWO (2) postcard size (3.5 x 5 inches) photographs to the Examination Centre on the examination date.

The photographs should show only from the chest upwards and should contain candidate’s Name, State, Centre and Signature at the back. Only successful candidates at the NDA Selection Exams will subsequently be invited for the Armed Forces Selection Board following which the list of admitted candidates will be published.

NEW UPDATEFor those that Would be be taking their CBT test after The NDA test, go along with Your Jamb Registration printout and Present It,let then Know that you will be taking the CBT test.

2. If you have forgotten your password, or you are getting an invalid login message, please use the forgot your Login link to retrieve it, On the issue JAMB CBT and NDA exam clashing we have sent a message to the NDA but have not received any reply

3.For those with JAMB Biometric Registration problems, do pray that Your results would be available before Saturday if not there is a high probablity of you being unqualified to write the exam.


In response to request from candidates for reference materials, the Academy has offered a Compendium of Past Questions & Answers at a cost of ₦3,000.00 only. This can be purchased from the Registry Department, NDA Kaduna or from designated Zenith Bank branches.

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    2. good news for those who want to join NDA for this year session. i will be helping 1o candidates who are ready to join. so who so ever that need this offer should contactme me on 08102601667 god bless you all as you see you peoplee call for this offer.

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  1. Guyz i the see tinz and whotin i the see be say i wan join army to serve my father land,yes i no i will make this year is my year to become soja man in my father land so help me god amen………………………………………………………………………………………………..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,…………,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,……………….,,,..,,m,,,,,,,,…,.mm.,mmmmm……,,,..,,,mm…..,mnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn,,,,,.,.,.,.,.,,.,.,,..,,.m..,,..,,…,,,..,,,…,,,…,

  2. am writing with CBT as my jamb,and the time as being shifted to MAY21st,and the post ume for the NDA is on the will the date of the post jamb screening goes because am an applicant.and i don’t want to lose this year entrance.please i need an answer very urgent.this is my number 08169003581.please ooooo help me.

  3. i am small boy smat boy i am priod to serve my father land bcos i am bonr to rule in a good way i need some help if i can see help i will be happy pls if u can help me pls contact 07063264994 ,08036442781i need help ooooi
    god will help u

    1. GOD ALMIGHTY who grant you the opportunity to seat for the exam, will definitely stand for you at all time, only if you believe in who you are serving.i wish you all the best.

  4. just cant wait to be among the successful candidate in the up coming exam because i have made up to serve my country no matter what it might take me just by the grace of God am gonna make it and all i need now is someone who is gonna help me out to be there

  5. Pls some body help me my jamb date has been shifted to 22 of may and i registered for d NDA exam which is 18th of may & they said we should cm wit d jamb result slip pls help me i dnt want to miss d exam my no is 08101975451

  6. Please,I need to know the specific address of the examination centre in Ibadan. This I will greatly appreciated if inboxed through my email address.

  7. Goin through the NDA is a thing of will and self determination,how determined are u? As 4 me my mind is made-up, and the Grace has being giving me.As many as will make it alongside myself les meet there.i gat no connection bt have Him(The Admiral of all Admirals;He’s EMMANUEL).

  8. i dream of becomeing a trianed army through God please help me to acheive my dreams.amen needs ur encouragement

  9. i dream of becomeing a trianed army through God please help me to acheive my dreams.amen needs ur encouragement i has no connection but i have the chief field mershall of the hole field mershalls his name is God almighty,and with him by myside i am in kaduna aleady

  10. I just want every culpable candidates of the nigerian defence academy examination should always hv strong faith no what people say .

  11. am writing with CBT as my jamb,and
    the time as being shifted to
    MAY21st,and the post ume for the NDA
    is on the will the date of the
    post jamb screening goes because am
    an applicant.and i don’t want to lose
    this year entrance.please i need an
    answer very urgent.this is my number
    08031334300.please ooooo

  12. I’ll like know the cutoff and how many credit-low will be required for the qualification of a candidate… My number 08143247417, pls help me oooooh!!!

  13. I’ll like to know the cutoff and how many credit-low will be required for the qualification of a candidate!!! Please help me out!!!

  14. God you are all know i av nobody and i beleave u can do it please do this 4 me Lord to be one the students of N D A 2013/2014 set.

  15. pls can i still purchase the form to write the exam on 18th of may,is the form still on sale? cz i really want to join in the exam,i didn’t no wen they started the reg.

  16. Avin same problem. . . Please help me. Ma cbt jamb is on d 18th of may, while i’m still havin ma nda 65th regular course entrance examination on d 18th of may. . . .ma number: 08069211039 . . . Ma 2go username: kelfesto17 . . .i am destined 2 b colonel in d army. . .ah kant wait jor. I knw God is on ma side!

  17. With God all things are possible, I have the God of possibility on my side so I’m not afraid, my God will see me true this journey, I’m there already with God on my side amen.
    Abraham O.

  18. My God Bless Nigeria Defence Academy, May God Bless Nigeria, Long Live NDA Kaduna, Long Live Nigeria. Amen

  19. Is d reference past paper very inportant.nd pls i,ll lik d jamb cutoff mark help me no is 08128706155 08137926687.

  20. All the days of reading my books, going tutorials and burning candle at night jst to get good result in jamb so I can get admission into the NDA which i av always pray nd workhard for to come to pass looks abortive. I really dnt knw how nd who marked dis jamb. My cut off mark is not encouraging at all.during the exam,after tackling the questions i thicked d answer which i shaded on my answerin sheet so i will give it to my tutorial teachers to score my work ,I gave it to my tutorial teachers in my department(science) to score me nd behold dey all brought out same score: 320. Wit a mind fild wit happines i waited till dat day d result came out nd behold Jamb jamb jamb gave me 183.which is not encouraging. My hope of entering d Nda looks uncertain. I jst pray the cut off mark for NDA should be 180….. So frustrated! Pls update the NDA cut off mark.

  21. my email says to be invalid if i try to login wit it in nda site but my email is opening in yahoo site and i wany to download the atknoledge card what will i do

    1. Ebuka, Click on the Forgot Your Login , Link below the Login Page.then it will lead you to Another page where you would Input Your PIN,That would solve your problem

  22. it is only in dis great country of ours that you will c somebody dat has love and passion and is qualified for somerhing and it will be denied him.all my life i have dreamnt of been a soldier man becos of dat after my common entrance i refused to go to d school i was posted and choosed army cantonmenlt boys sec sch,@ ojo barracks.ever since then i have been buying both d recruitment forms and nda forms still no luck.any well meaning nigerian dat can help ,e sh

  23. Am “must” pass d entrance exam, becos i hav my God father d Abba father.. If u are good 2 go meet me dia. For counsel call 07068534924! Cant wait 2 c u @ nda perm site!!! off. cadet battalion

  24. It’s the right time the authorities of JAMB and NDA should avoid clashing of examinations date. Some JAMB cadidates are fixed to write their JAMB CBT 0n 18 May, 2013 at the sametime, the same candidates are to write NDA Examination at the sametime/date.The two authorities should please solve this problem.

    1. pls i want 2 no weda d result is out and wer d cold pest it,pls i ned ur heip and dis is my 08138769827

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